Major Medical Benefit

What is Major Medical Benefit

To ensure that you’re covered for more than just an occasional visit to your local GP, the Major ...

What does Major Medical Benefit cover?

With this cover, your hospital accounts and costs related to your stay in a hospital, as well as ...

Am I responsible for obtaining pre-authorisation?

You are responsible for obtaining pre-authorisation from Momentum Health at least 48 hours before...

What happens if I don't get a pre-authorisation for a procedure?

If authorisation is not obtained, a 30% co-payment will apply on all accounts related to the even...

What happens in the case of an emergency?

In the case of an emergency, you, a family member or a friend may obtain authorisation within 72 ...

What happens if I don't choose a network hospital?

Ingwe Option: Members who choose Ingwe Network hospitals and do not use this provider will have ...

How to get pre-authorisation for a planned or emergency procedure

We provide pre-authorisation once benefits have been verified and Scheme Rules have been applied....

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