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Select a category below for more information on various benefit options, scheme requirements, benefit maximisation and what to do to enhance overall client experience.

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Benefit Options

Learn more about the benefits available to you on your option including preventative care, hospitalisation, day-to-day benefits, access to chronic medication, 24/7 medical advice and more.

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Momentum Medical Scheme strives to make it easier for you to submit and track claims. Learn about the international claims processes as well as how to obtain claims statements.

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Simplify your claims experience by obtaining pre-authorisations for benefits such as hospital admission, maternity registration, out-of-hospital procedures and Health Platform Benefits.

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General info

Get access to member brochures and guides, forms, questionnaires, terms and conditions and more. You can also learn more about Momentum Medical Scheme and how to join.

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Chronic Benefits

Register a chronic condition, learn more about the conditions that are covered as well as the benefits available to you on your option. Determine what is required to access the benefit.

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Maintenance and billing

Update personal and banking details, add or remove dependants, register newborns, apply for additional products, learn about underwriting or make changes or additions to your membership.

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Complementary products

You can enhance the value of your cover through adding additional non-healthcare benefits and products such as HealthReturns+, HealthSaver+, Multiply+ and more.

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Ingwe Students

Ingwe Student members, we’ve got your answers. Learn how to make the most of your benefits, which healthcare providers are available to you in the Momentum Network, and so much more.

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Contact us

We can assist or answer any additional question on web chat or WhatsApp. If you need access to emergency contact details, our complaints process or additional contact information.

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Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Client service, claims and authorisations

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